Hummane Socity

Learn about your furry friends

If you have a cat or dog or anything In bettween learn about them and how to take care of them properly and where to adopt one

Check the hummane socity

If you are getting a dog or a cat or something totally out there they will all eventuly become are best furry friends they can be . One of the places you sould look frist before you check one a random website Is a hummane socity . Sure you might not find the perfect pet for you but at least try .These pets have had a really ruff past and looking for someone to love them and take care of them . And at a hummane socity you know they have had good care and It Is not a scam . check out the cooca hummane socity one place that we donated to for these loveing pets .

Check out the Cocoa Hummane Socity website

here Is the website where you can check out and maybe find a amzing furry friend

Animal of the week !

The humane society has a lot of animals and we would like to spotlight a dog and cat you can adopt , look below for are animal of the week and the link to the humane society

dog of the week

cat of the week Samantha !

link to humane society

AGE : 8 months AGE : 2 years

BREED : retriver labdor mix BREED : domestic short hair mix


GENDER : male GENDER : female

Pet tips : thunder jacket

If your dog Is a scard of firworks , trucks , cars , and other loud sounds get a thunder jacket this Is almost like a wieghed blanket for dogs It defently clams them down !

Dog tips : dog slide show