Our past   sales

1. Our first sale!

Our first sale at Kelly park east was a huge success.  We made $340!!  Kids conservation donated $50 to each program (listed below) The rest of the money is going to the Brevard county humane society to buy the things the animals there need ( food , towels,etc. ).  Thank you  to all the people that came and donated money and lets help save the animals !

2. Woof it up!

Woof It Up was another huge success! 

We  raised $100 to donate to the humane society which we spent on food for the animals. Thank you those of you who came to our sale and made this possible!

3. Kids business fair 

Lets go! Sale number 3!

The Kids Business fair in Viera Fl. was a major success for Kids Conservation. We were able to raise $311 and we are doanting all of that money to the Sea Turtle Conservancy located in Jupiter FL. Thank you to everyone that doanted and we hope we can counting making a difference this year.